No Bruises

by pūķis

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released August 18, 2016

Cover art - Ezis



all rights reserved


pūķis Latvia

i'm gonna rock until my cock falls off

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Track Name: The Forest
It flows, it flows eternally
It knows, it knows everything you need
It gives, it gives to those who take
It gives, it gives until it bleeds

The forest speaks to me
The forest gives me what i need

It flows, it flows, like a river
It goes, it goes wherever you are
It needs, it needs everything you can give
It sees, it sees all there is

The forest speaks to me
The forest gives me what i need

You've been on my mind
For quite some time now
I like you
Track Name: Don't be so silent, baby
Don't be so silent, baby
Don't make me sad
Don't send me a letter, baby
Just mail me a flag

You're in a cold war
'Bout to make it hot
You're on aphetamine
Just talking back

You're on the secret front
Living a lie
But there's more to be done
Before you die


Over and over
You do it again
Even though I tell you not to
But you're still my friend


Don't be so silent, baby
Don't make me sad
Don't send me a letter, baby
Just come right back
Track Name: Spaceman, pt.2
as i come down from space
i'll let everyone know their place
as i crash into the sun
i can feel my evils run

i've ascended far beyond
what i could have known
and i am glad to tell you
that i have the power that i need

to see you here,
needing me to clear your fears,
i will do anything i must to make you see that you're wanted somewhere
i will do everything i can to show you that i really do care
Track Name: Sasteigtas atvadīšanās
Ko tu gribi no manis?
Es no tevis gribu tevi!

Man nepatīk sasteigtas atvadīšanās

Tu paņem mani, satiec!
Tas ir mērķis, ko varu sasniegt

Man nepatīk sasteigtas atvadīšanās
Man nepatīk sasteigtas atvadīšanās

Ai, kā mēs kopā veidojam peļķes
Un izdzeram krūzes, un saprotam neļķes

Inteliģentas, biezas sarunas
Aprunājam parunas

Un gribētos vēl, un gribētos atkal,
Bet laika vairs nav un mēs nevaram trakot,

Tāpēc labāk iesim
Jo man...

Man nepatīk sasteigtas atvadīšanās (4x)
Track Name: You & me
When I have you and you have me,
We come together to form a tree
We root ourselves into the ground
By no one to be found
Track Name: Track 6
I did my part right from the start
I did my best and called it art

I couldn't see, how could it be
That all my thoughts were just for me

And as the sun comes up, I
Lay down my head onto the ground
I might as well be dead
I might as well be dead