by pūķis

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released January 10, 2017



all rights reserved


pūķis Latvia

i'm gonna rock until my cock falls off

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Track Name: Bucket Kickers
We're the ones that will make you cry
And we don't care when people die
Our only values are true art
And we will never be a part of your world

We're far too lazy to take a stand
For the future of our kind
But something's wrong and someone's gonna have to fix it
But sure as hell ain't gonna be me

I would just like to sit in my room
Then get up from the bed
Go to the closet and take out a rope
Tie a noose around my neck
Track Name: Perfection
Hey hey! Hey hey, yip!

When we first met, I did not know our souls would connect
When I put my faith in you, I didn't know what I would get

Hey hey! Hey hey, yip!

What's your excuse?
What's your excuse?
What's your excuse to be so perfect for me? Because

Perfection is for losers and you're the best thing that ever happened to me,
So I don't think I ever want to win

I thought what you said was useless, but then I started to think
You helped me learn that the powers I have are in sync

Hey hey! Hey hey, yip!
Track Name: Asylum
I wanna live in a padded cell
Be in bed by half past twelve
Every night
Eat my breakfast from a plastic tray
No clothes to clean and no bills to pay
Better safe than sorry and I'm safe and sorry here

I want asylum
I want to feel secure
No man is an Island
And I'm a man just like you

Take my pills not a minute late
Never ill, always feeling great
And I know tomorrow I will get to live again
With my crayons draw a pretty world
Full of drama and full of hurt
And I'll always know that life is just a game

Oh, I wanna be free of my burdens
Track Name: Philip Morris blues
I'm eighteen years old and I don't have a job
Not that I could get one, 'cause that shit's too hard
The pressure from myself makes me want to die

A million reasons to go out and kill
Just a handful of lovely mind-numbing pills
Take them every night, before I get out of bed

Haven't met my friends for a month now
Because they all live in different towns
Been smoking philip morris blues for a month now
'Cause I never got eight bucks to spare for tobacco

I'm broke living at my parents' house
I'm broke living at my parents' house
I'm broke living at my parents' house
Without you
Track Name: Frothing (I wish)
I wish I was frothing at the mouth with a knife in my hand
Taking everybody out, leaving those who understand the struggle
The fake me, it ain't me, I'm here
You make me beg me to leave

I killed myself - I hated my life - a long time ago
Overdose on ecstasy and lying on the floor
Amazing, I'm shaking my head
You're saying I'm making you scared

You'll take a holiday
If you want to get away
But it won't be the same for me

I wish I had a lot more to give and a lot less to lose
Instead of making everybody walk my path in their own shoes
I don't care, I'm okay by myself
I don't need no help from no one else

Track Name: On my own
I don't wanna sleep, I don't wanna eat
I just wanna
I know what what I feel, I know my feeling's real
I just wanna

Nobody can help me now
(I'm on my own)

Sugar in my tea, don't think that's the key
I just wanna
Not my enemy, but get away from me
I just wanna


Left me in the heat, you won't lift a finger to help me
I know you think it's your fault, but I won't be fixed by an apology

You won't take me, I won't take you, I've got better things to do
If this breaks your heart, I'm sorry, but I never fell in love with you

I don't want you here, don't want you anywhere
I just wanna
Live your own damn life and I'll get on with mine
I just needa

Track Name: Your neck
Smash smash break destroy, kill maim punch annoying
Cunts in the face, take time to tie a rope around your neck

Fake smile, isn't real, don't care, I don't feel
Good anymore, just want to stab stab stab stab stab your neck

Lonely, by myself, cut me, I just want to
Feel your touch, take you by the hand and kiss your neck
Track Name: Errands
I've got errands, errands, errands, errands, errands to run
I've got acid to sell and I've got mary to burn
I gotta make some money, have the time of my life
But I've got nothing but the hustle, hustle, hustle on my mind

Taking little notes of all the things I will do
All the people I'll meet and all the shrooms I will chew
'Cause just like every single time that I've done this before
I forget the little thoughts that made me go through the door

I never, never see the light
I never, never see the light

Never going out to see a band or a show
Just standing outside and staring through the window
Because all the cash I made is now finally gone
And I'm scraping up some coins to get me tickets back home

Stepping through the front door with a pain in my head
I left home with some thick dough and came back with it spent
Yeah, I made some money, had the time of my life
Now the hustle, hustle, hustle has been left behind
Track Name: Vomit
I sometimes get very angry when it's late
And I can feel my mind slipping away
And I don't care about anything that's going on around me
I'm vomit, vomit

I sometimes cut deep scars into my skin
And I won't let you help, won't let you in
I'm just a pebble on the beach, washed up by the sea
I'm vomit, vomit

I always think that others are to blame
But I don't want to say, don't want to shame
But I'm just a snowflake in a tree and like the honey from a bee
I'm vomit, vomit

I've got all my basic human needs fulfilled
But I want more, yes, I want more
And I will never be free of my guilt
But at least I won't be bored, I won't be bored
But I'm just a snowflake in a tree and like the honey from a bee
I'm vomit, vomit