Alternatives to Suicide

by pūķis

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Folk punk/acoustic pop

"2/10, kaut kāds sūds" -vadims


released December 29, 2015



all rights reserved


pūķis Latvia

i'm gonna rock until my cock falls off

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Track Name: Lots of money
(capo 5th)
G Em C

If I had a load of money,
I would spend it on better things
Than people offer me

I wouldn't buy a car or a house
Or a cotton candy machine
Well, at some point, maybe I would buy a cotton candy machine

But what i really want in life
Are a few things
That'll make a bunch of certain people cry

I'd sponsor a few abortions
For women I don't know
And I'd buy the homeless portions
Of chicken noodle soup
And if I saw a person crying
I would give them a bit of weed
And I would purchase seven spraycans
And paint a rainbow in the street where a homophobe lives,
Just so that he would get very pissed

I would pay a master thief
To hack a freakin' bank
And wire all the money
To the poor who need a hand
I would buy a few casinos
And turn them into pizza places
Where everyone can go and get a slice for free.
Track Name: People are really cool
C G Dm F C
G Am F C

Everyone's a fuck-up,
I keep telling that to myself
Everyone around me can fucking
Die and go to hell

And there's been many a time
I wished harm upon a fellow soul
But I'm sorry, I regret that
I hope we can move on

We're all one family
Let's make eachother feel free
Fuck these priests and schools and cops
And war and plague and negative thoughts
Create our own society

Don't forget that people often
Do actually care
It's not that they don't give a fuck,
It's just that they are scared

Remember that a few of us are
Detached from reality
But more or less, we're all fucked up,
So keep your sanity

Track Name: Hedgehog
G D Em C
G D Em C D G

They say home is where guitar is
And cheap hoes get you the hardest
And that drinking a stranger's booze is the
Right thing to do at parties
But I beg to bloody differ
As my desires are quite different,
All I need is my girl
And a big mug of tea

With a smile upon my face,
I start to speed up my pace,
I can see her in the distance,
She's waiting in the place
Where we first went on a date,
Where I took her home too late
Too many times to remember,
But each time was fucking great

I think I fuckin love you
And I will never
Go, go, go, go, go, go,
And I would never
Leave you so sad and alone
And I fucking want you here

Every single time we meet,
I'm feeling so god damn sweet,
It's like I've met my other half
And now I'm finally complete,
You're taking up my universe,
You take away all of my stress,
You give me all the love i need,
For me you're just the fucking best

Track Name: Fuck it (god is dead)
G Am C G
D Am C G
D Em C D G D G

Punk rock is the purest form of life
Rebellion of little folks who sometimes like to fight
Standing up against the norm in your own right
You won't tell me what to do with my own wasted time,

'Cause if you never were alive, prepare to die
When judgement comes upon us, no-one will survive
But I guess that's okay, because God is dead
And we're all going to Hell anyway

I have no idea what to say
'Cause everything that needs to be, has already been said
I'm just hoping for a saint to come along
To clense me of my sins so I may rest in ignorance,

So if you never were alive, prepare to die
When judgement comes upon us, no-one will survive
But I guess that's okay, because God is dead
And we're all going to Hell anyway
Track Name: Three-part love song
G Am C Em D
C D Em
Am D

I love you like noone else probably would
And I'm upset and I am lost without you
I need you like birds need air to live, like we do
And when I'm feeling weak, I find strength in you

And I feel guilty you feel fear
And I feel guilty you're not here
And I feel guilty you feel fear from me
And from others, and yourself

G Am C Em D
C D G F# Em

You said you hate yourself and you wanna die
You think I hate you too, but i've got no reason why

And how can you even hate your own body, when you know exactly what it is?
And what it's been through during all these years


Don't look back at your failures
They are not what defines you

Believe in your strength to change and to be
Believe in yourself and all that you do
Track Name: Kaķis, banālais
(capo 1st)
Am F C G
Am G Fm D C G C B

Suņi staigā
Arī tur, kur es nedrīkstu iet
Viņi rej
Pat tad, kad man jātur mute ciet

Bet es nevaru tā,
Jo es esmu kaķis
Un man jāstaigā tur,
Kur man pašam tīk

Un es neklausīšos
Kaimiņu taksī,
Jo viņš nemāk runāt

Mēs esam sveši
Nieki pasaulē
Es - noguris
Ar visiem vienatnē

Nāc pie manis
Kaķi uzmeklē
Ja tev vairs nav spēka
Man ir liekas dvēseles

Vakar parkā
Redzēju urlas un žūpas
Hipsterus ēdam kūkas

Dzīvoklī bija ragana
Saģērbusies silti
Viņu ieskāva
Puisis, zaptes, piens un milti

Track Name: Free (dreaming)

Dream with me and I will show you around
Come along and see the horrors we have found
Nothing compares to living like you're in a dream
'Cause when I'm dreaming, everything's just like it seems

I'm free

I love the sensation of being in a dream
Nothing can harm me and I've got nothing to fear
Everybodys playing their unique own dream
Tripping hard or drifting in memory cream

I'm free
Track Name: Sunshine
(drop d)

Sunshine in my skin
I'm free of time, it never begins, just ends
I liked you, and I still do
I left you, so it doesn't hurt

I need my supplements
I'll survive without my friends
I wait for the blood to run
Shoot me with a silver bullet gun